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Photo Fun Excursions: Paradise Lavender Farm

I took numerous photo trips during 2019, with most of them being in the Summer. Some were individual or with friends, while others were part of a fantastic photography course I took at Northampton Community College (Tannersville, PA). If I dedicated one blog to all the trips I made last year, that blog would be long! So, instead, I have decided to feature some of these trips in my blog twice a month, entitling them “Photo Fun Excursions” My goal is to introduce you to some of the places I loved exploring. These are the places where I captured great photos, but most importantly, they created great memories. This week’s stop is the beautiful Paradise Lavender Farm.

Late last Summer, a local radio station hosted a business card exchange at a local lavender farm. My friend and I felt that attending the event would help us get our up-and-coming photography businesses out there. The event was a few hours and allowed us to meet those in our area who also have small businesses. In addition to the fantastic food (also provided by those with small businesses), there was also a beautiful atmosphere. The entire event took place on the grounds of the Paradise Lavender Farm. Before the event, I had heard many great things about the farm but never had the chance to visit. Now it was my chance! My friend and I arrived early, so we were allowed to do a self-guided tour of the farm and take some pictures. We even got to go into the Fairy Wonderland—a unique scavenger hunt area designed for kids. All the fairy homes are handmade and super cute! The farm hosts a scavenger hunt for kids frequently throughout the Summer. The kids get a real kick out of it!

The Paradise Lavender Farm, which is affiliated with Ross and Ross Nursery, is located in Cresco, PA, and has been in operation for a few years. Their mission is to create a sense of calmness surrounded by rows of aromatic lavender. They want people to forget their troubles and come to a sense of well-being. I love being at the farm and could never get tired of that tranquil aroma! So they are living up to their mission statement!

The farm offers many different lavender-scented products. From lotions to eye pillows and lip balm to lemonade mix, there is something for the lavender lover in all of us! I love checking out all the lavender products they have and always look forward to seeing something new! In addition to the lavender products, you can also buy fresh lavender. You can purchase pre-cut lavender, or if you are ambitious and adventurous, you can go out into the field and pick your own. The farm provides you with a basket and scissors and will show you how to cut lavender properly. When I went back to the farm this Summer, I cut my lavender. It was such a peaceful experience!

To capture the images, I used my Olympus OM-D-E Mark II camera. The mirrorless cameras produce such sharp, clear pictures that this was the perfect place to use it. I felt the colors of the lavender plants and garden accessories popped. Olympus is also a lighter camera, which makes it easier to navigate.

If you are a lavender lover, I recommend stopping by the farm and checking out all their lavender products!

Stop By: 5822 Paradise Valley Rd, Cresco, PA 18326

Facebook: Paradise Lavender Farm

You can even buy some of their products on Etsy! Just search for Paradise Lavender Farm.

Thanks for Reading!

XO Gina

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