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Photo Fun Excursions: Christmas at Sky Top Lodge

I took numerous photo trips during 2019, with most of them being in the Summer. Some were individual or with friends, while others were part of a fantastic photography course I took at Northampton Community College (Tannersville, PA). If I dedicated one blog to all the trips I made last year, that blog would be long! So, instead, I have decided to feature some of these trips in my blog twice a month, entitling them “Photo Fun Excursions” My goal is to introduce you to some of the places I loved exploring. These are the places where I captured great photos, but most importantly, they created great memories. This week’s stop is Christmas at Skytop Lodge to celebrate Christmas in July!

Skytop Lodge is located at an elevation of 1,500 feet in the Pocono Mountains. The area surrounding the lodge is very wooded and secluded, making it the perfect place for a country getaway. Opened in June of 1928, Skytop Lodge is situated on 5,500-acres and includes 30-miles of hiking trails and an 18-hole golf course. Of course, I cannot forget to mention that beautiful lake that greets you when you arrive!

Despite it being tucked away from the main touristy areas, Skytop Lodge has a lot to offer. Guests can zipline or throw axes at the Adventure Center, hike a few of the twelve trails, learn how to shoot a rifle at Outfitters, or have a relaxing spa day at The Nest. And, of course, who can forget the food? From fine dining at Windsor to the Taproom's casual style, Skytop has plenty of great places to grab a bite to eat. If you want a cozy place to grab a cocktail and check out a photographic history of Skytop, stop by the Library Lounge.

There is so much to do and see at Skytop Lodge at any time of the year, but my favorite time is during Christmas. The decorations are beautiful. Mini Christmas villages and trees light up the lobby and hallways. Lights, sleds, and giant Christmas ornaments dress up the outside area of the lodge. But, my favorite decoration of all is the life-sized gingerbread house. And yes, it is a REAL gingerbread house! I think that most visitors to the lodge during Christmas come just to see this fantastic creation! Bakers begin creating the house around September and put in over 300 hours of labor. In addition to the hard work comes the ingredients. The entire gingerbread house consists of:

  • 920 eggs,

  • 612 lbs. of all-purpose flour

  • 315 lbs. of royal icing

  • 250 lbs. of candy

  • 153 lbs. of honey

  • 153 lbs. of molasses

  • 124 lbs. of brown sugar

  • 77 lbs. of shortening

  • 5 lbs. of ginger

  • 2.5 lbs. of allspice

  • 2.5 lbs. of cinnamon

  • 9.5 lbs. of baking soda.

Each year, Skytop Lodge hosts Christmas Week, which typically begins on December 24 and continues December 30. During these festive days, guests can enjoy tea and cookies, cash bingo, marshmallow roasting, movies, flag football, tours, holiday crafts, an ugly sweater party, and much more! They truly know how to get into the holiday spirit!

There are many places in the Pocono Mountains that I love to visit during the holiday season, but my favorite has to be Skytop Lodge. No place here can top that cozy, holiday feeling you get when you walk through those doors and see that giant gingerbread house.

For more information on Christmas at Skytop Lodge, visit their website at

Thanks for reading!

XO Gina

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