Photo Editing Services 

Have pictures that are just so-so? Need professional looking photographs for social media accounts or portfolios? Why not have them professionally edited?  Some of the edits that can be made include:

  • Image Retouching: Reducing wrinkles, smoothing skin, whitening teeth, fixing makeup, removing blemishes.

  • Body Slimming: Slimming hips and waist, enlarging breast and abs areas.

  • Background Removal & Sky Enhancement: Removing an item or items from the background, removing the entire background and inserting a new one, and enhancing or changing the color of the sky.

  • Basic Picture Edits: Clarity, contrast, sharpness, exposure increase/decrease,  highlight reduction/addition, shadow reduction/addition, smoothness, reduction of color noise (grainy appearance), application of filters for a more professional look.  


What images can be edited? 

Any photo you feel can be better!


How does it work?

Choose which service you would like and complete the PayPal payment information form. Then, e-mail your photos to Once your photos have been received, you will get a confirmation

e-mail. Allow 48 hours for your edits to be ready for review.


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